The international Sailing and Racing Rules

International FISLY Rules

Special Rules European Championship 2013 Borkum

Please be aware that during the weekend prior to the European Championship there will be races of the German Championship held at Borkum, 7th and 8th September. We are sorry that this time we are not able to allow participation of other nations at these German races as well as training during that weekend!


On the beach

Keep out of the dunes and stick to the access way as per description.

Driving the Kitebuggy is only allowed in the designated area and during daylight hours. The Kitebuggy area you can find in the location description. Please note that there is protected area in the south for the seals. Please don't drive your buggy behind this line.

All pilots have to keep their disctance for the safety of pedestrians using the walkways. In general do pedestrians have the right of way an pilots hav to keep their distance.

Keep 100 m distance to the grass dunes to protect the nature.

Private vehicles are not allowed on the beach.