is the westernmost and with 31 square kilometer the largest of the seven inhabited German East frisian islands. Parts of the island and the adjacent wadden sea belong to a national park also being UNESCO world natural heritage.
The kitebuggy area  is on the north-westerly side of the island.

Traveling information

Borkum can be reached by car ferry from Emden/Germany  (ferry time  2 h 15 min) or from dutch habour Eemshaven (50 min). Satnav info:

Ferry habour Emden:
Zum Borkumanleger 6, 26723 Emden

Ferry habour Eemshaven:
Borkumkade 1, 9979 XX Eemshaven

Though there is also a fast catamaran ferry from Emden, this is only for foot passengers. Larger luggage like a kite buggy cannot be taken onto the catamaran but only onto the car ferry (which can also be used as foot passenger of course).

If you want to go by car/van/Camper to Borkum, you should book in advance:

Service-Center AG EMS, Emden
Zum Borkumanleger 6
26723 Emden

Tel.: 01805 180182
(14 ct.min. German landline or 42 ct./min. from mobile)

Reservation service Eemshaven NL: Tel. 0031 596 513191

Useful ferry information

Taking the ferry from Eemshaven/Netherlands is slightly cheaper than from Emden and also the shorter ride, even if Emden might be faster to reach when coming from East.

The car ferries can be used by cars up to large camping trailers or cars with trailer, though it's getting more expensive the longer and the higher you go. However, the car ferries can also be used as foot passenger and you will be allowed to tow a kitebuggy with your equipment onto the ferry. Towing a buggy onto the ferry will be charged from 23.80 € (Eemshaven) to 28.30 € (Emden), which is for both ways.

Arriving Borkum habour as foot passenger, you can take the island train (included in ferry ticket) that also has a luggage waggon for your kite equipment.

Container Booking for pilots!

We are offering a container package for pilots in order to carry equipment to the island. Therefore a container will be offered with one of the monday morning ferries from Eemshaven. You will have the possibility to load your equipment into this container and afterwards take the ferry as a foot passenger, which is more comfortable than towing your kite buggy onto the ferry. The conatiner will be brought near to the event area. On sunday morning the container will be offered for travelling back to Eemshaven.

Costs of this package will be 50.00 € including ticket for passenger (!). This is cheaper than tickets for passenger + ticket for towing a kite buggy onto the ferry. For booking of the container package you are able to make a choice during official enrolment.


Ferry time for using the container package:


Change of Departure: Eemshaven - Borkum 08.09.13 16:45 pm. Loading of container til 16:00 pm!
Borkum - Eemshaven 15.09.13 08:30 am. Loading of container till 7:45 am!

Ferry time has been choosen early in order to allow you to explore the beach on monday after arrival as well as use sunday for your return. For the ferry back on sunday, there will also be the possibility to load the container the evening before after the final races.

Car driving limitations Borkum

Car driving on Borkum is limited: There is a red and a blue zone:

RED ZONE (click for map)

Within the red zone, cars are not allowed during season, so also not during our event. If you are arriving by car and your destination is within the red zone, you will get a permission (at the ferry) to drive within the red zone only on your arrival and departure day. In this case, we recommend to park your car or trailer during the event at the marked parking ground shown in this event map.

BLUE ZONE (click for map)

Within the blue zone cars are not allowed in the night, from 09.00 pm to 07.00 am.

Please stick to these rules, they are controlled thoroughly and disregarding will result in monetary fines.

Outside of these zone, cars are allowed. However, please avoid traffic on the island!

Parking Emden/Eemshaven

Passing over to Borkum as foot passenger, you can park your car at the parking grounds available in Emden and Eemshaven directly near the ferries. However, the parking grounds will be charged from 3.80 €/day in Emden to 4.50 €/day in Eemshaven.